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2006 Bourgeois Vintage D

Adirondack Fichte / EIR

Sattelbreite 43,8 mmm
Saitenabstand am Steg 56,2 mm

neuwertiger Zustand mit wenigen geringen Gebrauchsspuren
Inkl. Originalkoffer





1995 Blazer&Henkes St. Antonio Stil 28 SeNo. 01

Alpen Fichte/EIR

Sattelbreite 44,4 mmm
Saitenabstand am Steg 58,2 mm

Wundervoller Nachbau einer Martin OM-28 aus der Zeit um 1930 mit Barfrets.
Erste St. Antonio Stil 28 aus der Dejà Vu Serie von Blazer&Henkes mit der Seriennummer 01!
Decke aus German Spruce, Boden/Zargen aus Palisander, Heringbone Randeinlagen etc.
inkl. Originalkoffer und Zertifikat.





1976 Martin D-28

Sitka Fichte/EIR

Sattelbreite 43 mmm
Saitenabstand am Steg 54,5 mm

Guter Zustand  mit besonders leichter Bespielbarkeit, professionelle Neubundierung
Schöner Vintage Charekter und Klang
Inkl. Soft Case



2011 Guild GSR D-50
Limited Edition Namm Show 2011
(20 Instrumente)

Engelman Fichte / Cocobolo

Sattelbreite 43,34 mmm
Saitenabstand am Steg 54,3 mm

neuwertiger Zustand
Außergewöhnliche gute Klangqualität!!!
Inkl. Originalkoffer + Guild Ledergurt

Aus der Guild Webseite:
Building on the legacy of its beloved acoustic Dreadnought style guitars, Guild unveiled a special limited–run version of the D–50 at the recent 2011 NAMM show. The new GSR D–50 pairs a solid Engelmann Spruce top with solid Cocobolo back and sides to create a bold yet refined guitar with striking visual and sonic qualities.

Throughout the four–day show, players were able to test–drive the guitar for themselves. Guild product manager Dave Gonzalez also demo’d the guitar and elaborated on its unique tone and build.

“The GSR D–50 Cocobolo is an incredible guitar,” Gonzalez states. “Not only does it have captivating aesthetic features, but it also has amazing tone and sonic presence. Cocobolo has a certain depth and complexity that you don’t get from other types of tonewoods. When combined with the refined sound of an Engelmann Spruce top in the Guild dreadnought body style, it results in a guitar that has a big, rich sound with excellent balance and articulation. Usually the first word out people’s mouths when they play these guitars is, ‘wow!’”

The GSR D–50 will be limited to just 20 pieces worldwide.



 2002 Gibson Advanced Jumbo

Sitka Fichte/Palisander

Sattelbreite 43,6 mmm
Saitenabstand am Steg 55,1 mm

Klanglich sehr gute AJ mit Gebrauchsspuren
Inkl. Original Koffer